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Monday, May 09, 2005

Hackenslash interviews Alodia

Hackenslash is the section of INQ7.net that delivers the hottest news in our favorite MMOGs. An article entitled "Getting to know the GMs in your neighborhood" written by Joel Alarilla features the GMs or Game Masters of the popular MMORPG community. As we all know, Alodia is a GM of the game Khan Online.

Could you tell us something about yourself?

Alodia: I’m not your ordinary freshly graduated high school student from Miriam College High School. I’ve been involved in various activities and hobbies ever since elementary, some of which are cheerleading, on-the-spot poster-making contests, costume play competitions. Beyond that, I also play the piano and sing in a band... and of course, I’m hooked on video games! I have been a true-blue gamer ever since the age of the Nintendo family computer. But even as technology developed rapidly, I never gave up and left the gaming-tech world. I tried to cope with its basics and eventually learned that it was more than just worth my while.

Given that, I intend to finish Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Info Design from Ateneo de Manila University, because I see the course as art but related to computers. I hope that after graduating from college, I could take a hand in creating a successful online and offline videogame. Currently, I’ve dedicated my whole summer to working as a GM for Netgames’ online game, Khan Online.

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